Tips to Avoid a Car Accident

How to Avoid a Car Accident

Car accidents, like any accidents, are unpredictable. There is no perfect way to guarantee safety at all times behind the wheel of a car.

Luckily, we can effectively lessen the chance of being involved in a car accident. Here’s a list of certain precautions that can prevent this danger from happening.

Remember the Blind Spots

Cars are designed with mirrors to ensure drivers can see all the areas surrounding your auto. The best way to ensure a safe ride is to make certain that your mirrors are in the correct position, but of course, relying on the mirrors alone will not do the trick. You can practice carefully looking around before changing lanes or entering the highway. This way, you can assure to not accidentally hit on other’s car blind spot, especially for semi-trucks and other large vehicles.

When scanning the blind spots, you need to…

Avoid Distractions 

According to the US Department of Transportation, nine people are killed and more than 1,000 are injured in crashes that involve distracted drivers in the United States each day.

This proves to be true as people are prone to distractions at all times. Texting while driving is a perfect combo for an accident. To avoid the danger it brings, make sure that your phone is connected to your car speaker system so that you can talk without even using your hands if a call comes in while you’re driving.You can also safely practice pulling off the road if you really need to take your phone.

However, distractions not only involve your phone but also can manifest when you keep changing radio stations or CDs, eating, drinking coffee, or taking a hand off the wheel to fix your hair. Anything can be a distraction, so hands off to that iced coffee while driving. Simple as that.

Ensure Your Car is Fully Functional

Although car maintenance costs a lot, you know what they say — life is priceless. We are no strangers to accidents flashing in the news due to defective brakes and broken tires. Sudden stalls or other vehicle failures are just as dangerous as a car accident. Make sure that your car is in excellent condition.

If you find your car to be crumbling into pieces, maybe it’s time to get a new one, and listen, buying a new car doesn't mean new debts and new financial tragedy. You can get a good loan (even if you have a bad credit). Crediful.com has listed the best bad credit auto lenders for 2018. You might want to check them out.

Beware of Night Driving

Car accidents are more dangerous at night. If you can, especially if you’re a new driver, choose not to drive when it’s dark.

Stay Alert: Watch Out for Vehicles with Hazard Lighting

There are a multitude of public safety and service vehicles to look out for while driving. Many of these have a light bar on top of the cabs to signify their presence. Amber light bars are typically seen on utility vehicles like roadside repairmen, tow trucks, electricians and construction. When seeing these lights, take caution to watch out for workers, equipment, and vehicles being towed.

Red and blue lights typically indicate emergency vehicles. If you see an emergency vehicle with their lights and sirens activated, you must move over or slow down to allow the vehicle to pass - it’s the law in all 50 states. If the vehicle is stationary, keep an eye out for emergency workers and damaged vehicles. Always remember to stay alert and be aware of the traffic in front of you. Rubbernecking is the cause of anywhere between 10 and 16 percent of all traffic accidents.

Do NOT Drive While Under the Influence

If you don't want to take a roadside breath test, get arrested or even have yourself involved in an accident, don't drive when you’re drunk.

If you have to go home after a birthday party of your best buds, sleep it off on a couch somewhere or even better, hail a taxi.

Aside from this, you should also be in a tip-top condition to drive.

Scan For Red Light Danger

Maybe you’re a responsible driver.

Unfortunately, not all of us can be as responsible. There are cars that live up their rebel red light runners dream. You can avoid getting in an accident with them by scanning roads and making sure no one is trying to speed through a yellow light, and be cautious when passing through an intersection. 

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