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In the aftermath of an automobile accident, the focus is usually on the drivers of the vehicles. Car damage is assessed, fault determined, traffic citations issued and the driver’s insurance policies are examined for settling claims and compensating for losses. Passengers’ damages are often overlooked after a wreck. If you have been injured as a passenger in automobile accident, having an experienced advocate present your losses to all the parties and fight for your right to compensation can help you fully recover.

Passenger Injuries and Coverage

Driver’s instinctively protect their area of the car more than other areas and passenger injuries are often more serious than driver injuries – whether from a rear-end collision, side-impact, or head-on crash where the driver has turned slightly. There are a number of sources that could potentially cover your injuries from a crash while riding in another’s vehicle, but each has different issues that may make it difficult to fully recover from any one singular source.

  • Driver’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP): The driver of your car is required by law to carry PIP. This policy might extend to cover your injuries as a passenger in the car, but the limits only $10,000 per accident.
  • Your Own Personal Injury Protection (PIP): If you own a registered vehicle in Florida, then your own PIP may cover you while you are riding in another vehicle. Again, limits are low – only $10,000 per person – so if you have the basic amount required by law, you may not be covered for serious injuries. Also, there are specific requirements that must be met like getting treatment within 14 days and having classified permanent injuries.
  • Your Own Health Insurance: May cover your higher cost medical treatment, but may have high deductible and your premiums may increase if you make a claim. Everyone should have health care for exactly this purpose – a potentially bankrupting injury – and indeed, it is now required by federal law, but it may be worth exploring alternative sources of coverage before making a claim.
  • At Fault Driver’s Bodily Injury Coverage: This is perhaps the best source for covering serious injuries to passengers, but it still comes with potential problems. First, Florida does not require drivers to carry it, so it may not be an option. Second, while usually higher than PIP, it also has limits, so where several passengers are seriously injured, it may not provide full coverage.
  • Driver’s Uninsured Motorist Coverage: You may fall under the driver’s insurance coverage that protects the driver and his or her passengers when someone with no insurance or too little insurance causes you injury.
  • Your Own Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Same as above. However, it is your own policy.

Figuring out the perfect formula for full compensation for your injuries can be a challenging process. Even where the facts of the accident are clear it will undoubtedly involve wrangling with a number of representatives from the above insurance companies.

You may have to file your own negligence claim against the at fault driver before recovering. If fault is disputed and a claim is challenged, then you may need someone working for you and not for your insurance company. A personal injury attorney with experience in accident cases can build your case and get these matters settled as quickly and fairly as possible.

Passenger Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one were involved in a passenger accident in Florida, do not hesitate to seek the help and counsel of an experienced personal injury lawyer. We are dedicated to helping injury victims hold negligent parties legally responsible and get the compensation that they need for damages associated with an accident. To make an informed decision about your specific legal problem, it’s important to be fully aware of your rights and options. Contact us and we will help you immediately.

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