Do I Have to Pay Medical Bills From My Settlement?

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident recently, you may have suffered a serious injury. If the accident is not your fault, then you may feel that it is unfair that you have to bear the financial burden of covering the costs associated with your traumatic injuries. That is where a car accident injury settlement can be helpful. Across the United States, everyone is required to have car insurance in order to safely and legally operate a motor vehicle on the road. In the event that you are involved in an accident that is not your fault, the insurance company of the other driver should bear the brunt of the financial liability of covering your medical expenses. Do you have to pay medical bills from your settlement? There are a few points that you should keep in mind.

The Average Car Accident Settlement

Ultimately, it is difficult to determine the average car accident settlement. There are a lot of criteria that are going to determine how much money you might be able to do in a car accident settlement. Some of the factors include:

  • The legal limit of the financial liability of the insurance company involved
  • The financial status of the other driver
  • The severity of the injuries that you suffered
  • Medical expenses that you have already incurred
  • Potential loss and, as a result of your injury
  • The prospect of future medical expenses
  • The impact this could have on your ability to earn a living moving forward
  • Any emotional trauma you may have endured, such as pain and suffering

It is important for you to work with a trained legal professional who can advocate for your best interest, adequately presenting your case to an insurance company or judge so that you can get the best settlement possible.

Will Your Medical Bills Be Paid Through an Injury Settlement?

Yes. Any medical bills that you have incurred should be covered by the car accident injury settlement. This is going to be one of the main components of any settlement that is reached between yourself and the insurance company or the other driver. Of course, you may also have health insurance that is covering some of your medical bills already. Your health insurance provider may have a lien on a portion of the settlement. Therefore, if you have already paid some of your medical expenses, such as those involving the emergency room, your health insurance company may seek to recover some of the medical bills that you have already been charged. Ultimately, this is better for you because you may not have to write a check to cover this portion of your medical expenses. Instead, your health insurance company will simply recover these funds directly from the settlement.

In addition, your car accident injury settlement should also cover future medical expenses. For example, if you have to take prescription medications for an extended amount of time, your potential car accident injury settlement should cover these expenses as well. Or, if you have to see a medical specialist for an extended amount of time as a result of your injuries, your car accident injury settlement should cover this as well.

What if The Settlement Amount Is Not Adequate?

If you believe that the car accident injury settlement is not adequate, you do not necessarily have to accept the offer. For example, there may be a limit to the financial liability of the insurance company. They may not be willing to pay any extra funds above their legal limit. In this situation, you do not have to accept the settlement offer.

car accident settlement

Instead, you could take the case to trial. Every personal injury case is different, so it is important to think about this carefully. There is a chance that you might get awarded a larger amount at a jury trial. There is also a chance that you may not get awarded anything at all. This is the biggest reason why a significant percentage of personal injury cases involving car accidents are settled before trial.

Do 100 Percent of the Settlement Proceeds Have To Go To Medical Expenses? No, not all of the proceeds from your car accident injury settlement have to go toward your medical expenses. Even though this is probably going to be a significant portion of your car accident injury settlement, you might also receive funds to cover property damage. For example, if your car was totaled in the accident, you can use the proceeds of the settlement to purchase a new car.

In addition, you can also use the proceeds from your car accident injury settlement to cover any income you may have lost as a result of the car accident. For example, if you are unable to return to work for several months as a result of injuries sustained in the car accident, you can use your car accident settlement proceeds to replace this lost income as well.

The Proceeds of a Car Accident Injury Settlement Are Complex

Ultimately, there are a lot of criteria that are going to determine when, where, and how much money you might be awarded in a car accident injury settlement. For all of these reasons, it is important to work with a trained legal professional who has experience in this area.

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