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Accidents in which victims sustain the loss of a body part are among the most catastrophic in which a person can be involved. These incidents often result in permanent damage, sometimes severely limiting the person’s ability to perform tasks that he or she once found routine. In cases where a limb or other severed body part can be reattached, function may be limited and there will be the presence of unsightly scarring. 

In either case, the loss of a limb will result in tremendous physical pain and emotional trauma to the victim, often lasting for years after the initial injury occurred. When these accidents are the result of someone else’s negligence, victims may be able to recover for their losses by filing a Florida personal injury claim against the party or parties responsible. It is advisable for anyone who has been involved in an accident involving the loss of a limb or other body part to retain legal representation as soon as possible.

Common Causes of Dismemberment, Amputation, or the Loss of a Limb

According the Amputee Coalition, more than 500 Americans lose a limb every day. The causes of these losses are varied, but a significant number are due to preventable accidents. Some of the more common kinds of accidents that result in the loss of a limb or other body part include:

The determinative factor as to whether a person who loses part of their body in an accident has a claim is whether the accident was the result of someone else’s negligence. An experienced attorney will be able to review the facts of your case and determine whether and against whom you may have a claim.

It is important for victims to remember that personal injury cases in Florida are subject to a strict statute of limitations. This means that any delay could potentially jeopardize your ability to recover for your injuries.

What Kinds of Damages are Recoverable in an Amputation Case?

Under Florida law, both economic and non-economic damages may be available after an accident involving an amputation.

  • Economic Damages: People who sustain an accidental amputation are likely to have extensive medical expenses, both for the cost of the treatment of the injury itself as well as for any rehabilitative care that they require. For those who require a prosthetic, there is the additional expenses of the prosthetic limb itself, which can often cost well into the tens-of-thousands of dollars. In addition, certain amputation injuries may prevent a person from working or returning to their previous employment.
  • Non-economic Damages: Non-economic damages are meant to compensate victims for intangible losses that cannot be quantified. They may include compensation for things like for pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, disfigurement, and permanent impairment. In certain cases, a spouse of a person injured in an accident resulting in amputation may have a claim for loss of consortium as well. 

To determine what damages may be available to you, you should discuss the circumstances of your case as soon as possible with an attorney. You can call us at (386) 777-7777 or fill out our online contact form below for a free case evaluation.

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