Daytona Beach Police Department

Daytona Beach PD

First accredited in 1999 by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement, the Daytona Beach Police Department was later re-endorsed in 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011, and 2014. Below are some of the services that Daytona Beach Police Department offers:

Departmental Standards Directive

This directive ensures that the Daytona Beach Police Department employees provide citizens with the best law enforcement services, regardless of gender, race, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, income status, and political or religious affiliation. This helps avoid any form of bias based on profiling. Having acquired a certificate from an independent reviewing authority for law enforcement agencies, they offer progressive, customer-focused services and ensure that they meet the highest professional principles.

Office of Professional Standards (OPS)

This office’s responsibility is to maintain the Daytona Beach Police Department’s integrity. Organizationally, this office works under the authority and discretion of the Chief of Police. Some of the functions of OPS are:

  • Reviewing and investigating employee misconduct allegations
  • Reviewing department members tangled with traffic crashes
  • Assist in random drug screening for DBPD members
  • Help in police review
  • Go over all use of force applications

In the past, OPS has reviewed various investigations that include: 66 in 2008; 39 in 2009; 51 in 2010; 66 in 2011; 68 in 2012.


To map criminal activities, distinguish patterns, and identify hot spots, the Daytona Beach Police Department uses a computerized database known as CompStat. In 2006, DBPD Chief, Michael Chitwood, instigated CompStat within the department. The CompStat philosophy holds that law enforcers must be accountable for fighting crime in their designated area. The philosophy is based on four standards:

  • Timely and accurate intelligence
  • Operational tactics
  • Persistent follow-up, and valuation
  • Fast disposition of resources and personnel

Gang Hotline

Everybody desires to live in safe neighborhoods. Gang presence is often associated with risks such as mayhem, assaults, local crimes, burglary, illicit sales of drugs, vandalism, and illegal possession of weapons. To deal with the issue of gangs, the DBPD introduced a gang tip hotline: (386) 671-5270, which is operational 24 hours a day.

Bicycle Patrol

The Daytona Beach Police Department utilizes police mountain bikes on patrols as a way to enhance its policing efforts in the community. Besides getting to locations and receiving calls quicker, law enforcers on bicycle patrol offer better relations between officers and citizens that may otherwise not be as efficient in patrol vehicles. Currently, the department has four officers who use police substations to write reports, make calls, and meet the residents for security services. They provide both low and high profile police presence that enhances public contact and prevent criminal activities.

K-9 Unit

Comprised of four law enforcers and their dog partners, the Daytona Beach Police K-9 Unit are an improved support role of the patrol division. They offer the following:

  • Help drug units with narcotic exposure
  • Respond to prowler and alarm calls
  • Conduct building and articles searches
  • Track crime suspects

In 2012, K-9 officers completed 389 reports, handled 3,088 calls for service, helped with 22 mutual aid requests, conducted 172 narcotic searches, performed 1,354 patrols, and answered 721 alarm calls.

In Addition, the Daytona Beach Police Department arrests in District 2 (the area between the Atlantic Ocean and road tracks) in 2012 included 259 felony arrests and 443 misconduct arrests. In District 1 (area between railroad tracks and western city), 6 felony and 164 misdemeanor arrests were made.

Marine unit

Staffed on a rotating basis, the marine unit is administered under the District 2 patrol division by the operations bureau’s members. They patrol the marinas and waterways within the limits of Daytona Beach. They also help other law enforcement agencies in responding to water rescues, natural disasters, and boating accidents.

In summation, accredited several times, Daytona Beach Police Department offers various services as mentioned above. The different divisions ensure not only the safety of citizens but also a better interaction between the public and law enforcers. For more information or to report a crime to the Daytona Beach Police, simply call (386) 671-5270.

Keeping Daytona Beach Safe

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