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Construction sites and construction work are inherently dangerous, often involving the use of heavy machinery and hazardous materials. In addition, construction sites are by definition unfinished, meaning that there are often open holes, unsecured heights, construction materials, and unstable ground or trenches. It is no surprise, then, that the construction industry consistently ranks as one of the most dangerous industries in which to work in the United States. In addition, construction sites pose a risk of not only to individuals working at them, but also to those who visit or simply pass by them.

Fortunately for people who are injured at construction sites, Florida law may allow them to recover for their losses by bringing a personal injury or worker’s compensation claim against the person or party responsible. Whether you have a claim depends largely on the circumstances of your accident, and it is important for victims to consult with an attorney as soon as possible after an accident occurs.

What Are Common Construction Site Hazards?

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 6.5 million people work at construction sites around the country each day. Accidents can occur in a variety of ways, but the most common hazards listed by the agency include the following:

  • Falls from heights
  • Trench collapse
  • Scaffold collapse
  • Electric shock
  • Arc flash/arc blast
  • Failure to use the appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Repetitive motion injuries

Can I Sue My Employer for a Construction Site Injury?

In Florida, employers in the construction industry who have one employee or more are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance exists to ensure that employees are compensated for on the job injuries while reducing the amount of litigation that occurs due to such injuries.

Under certain circumstances, however, an employee may be able to sue an employer for injuries sustained on the job, provided that certain conditions are met. Examples of situations where an employee would be able to sue in spite of Florida’s workers’ compensation program include when a 3rd party was involved in an incident or if the employee was injured by an employer’s intentional or reckless act.

Non-Employee Construction Site Injuries

In addition to construction workers, people who visit construction sites or simply pass by them may also be injured by the hazards they pose. In these cases, workers’ compensation is not an issue, and the injured party may proceed with a traditional personal injury lawsuit provided that there is evidence of negligence on the part of the construction company or a particular employee. Some of the more common kinds of accidents that injure non-employees at or around construction sites include:

  • Falling objects
  • Fires
  • Explosions
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Exposure to hazardous materials
  • Collapsing structures
  • Misplaced equipment or debris

Construction site accidents may entitle victims to significant compensation, including compensation for lost income, present and future ongoing medical expenses, pain and suffering, and property damage. Anyone affected by an accident at a construction site should be sure to discuss their case with an experienced personal injury at the earliest possible time after an accident occurs. 

Are you a worker at a construction site or an innocent bystander who has been injured through no fault of your own? We are experienced Daytona Beach construction accident attorneys who understand the law governing construction site injuries and can help you with your claim. If you are a worker, your options might be limited under Florida’s worker’s compensation laws, however you may also have third party claims in a personal injury lawsuit. 

We can help you make the best decisions possible and help you understand the various options available to you. You can call us at (386) 777-7777 or fill out our online contact form below for a free case evaluation. Get the compensation you deserve.

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