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The Cimicidae, commonly refer to as “Bed bug” is a particular type of parasitic insect that survives by exclusively feeding on the blood of warm-blooded mammals, including humans. Bed bugs are known to take up residence in mattresses, bedding, clothing, couches, and other upholstered furniture or items, nestling and laying eggs by the hundreds in fabric seams. They usually come out to feed at night, which often makes it difficult to immediately detect a bed bug infestation. Victims of bed bug infestations often report the following injuries:

  • Bite welts
  • Skin rashes
  • Other allergenic symptoms
  • Psychological effects
  • Insomnia

In addition to injuries, eradication of bed bugs can be an extensive and costly process. Victims must usually employ a professional pest control service and often are forced to get rid of possibly infested clothing, bedding, or furniture. As you can imagine, replacing such items can be expensive. You also may be displaced from your home and forced to pay for temporary housing during the treatment process. If you have been the victim of a bed bug infestation, you may be entitled to substantial compensation under the law for any related losses, and a bed bug lawyer can help.

Causes of Bed Bug Infestations

There are several different common causes of bed bug infestation, including the following:

  • Moving into an already infested apartment or hotel room
  • Bringing bed bugs from an infested area into your home on your clothes, luggage, or other items
  • Bringing in a piece of infested furniture
  • Bed bugs traveling from one infested area to another via ductwork or false ceilings
  • Especially in multi-family dwellings, or outdoor areas such as swimming pools
  • Inadequate eradication of a previous infestation

Potentially Liable Parties in Bed Bug Cases

Bed bug injuries may often occur because another person was negligent. In such cases, you deserve to be fully and fairly compensated by the responsible party. For example, under Florida law F.S.A. § 83.51, landlords are required to make reasonable provisions for the extermination of bed bugs in rental property. If a bed bug infestation is discovered and the landlord fails to adequately remedy the situation, he or she may be liable for any injuries or losses you suffered as a result. A landlord may further be liable if he or she failed to properly inspect the premises prior to renting it.

Landlords are not the only ones who may be responsible for bed bug injuries, however. Other common defendants in bed bug cases include apartment complex management companies, hotels, motels, vacation rental companies, furniture rental companies, airlines, movie theaters, and more. For example, you may sit in an infested seat in a theater and then take the bed bugs home with you on your clothes.

Sometimes, discovering the true cause of a bed bug infestation may be complicated, so you should always consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who knows how to handle bed bug cases to make sure you bring a claim against the correct party. Additionally, many insurance companies and defendants attempt to minimize how serious a bed bug attack can be and the impact an infestation can have on you. 

A Florida bed bug lawyer can help stand up for your rights and make sure you receive the maximum possible settlement for your injuries and losses. You can call us at (386) 777-7777 or fill out our online contact form below for a free bed bug lawyer case evaluation.

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